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Madeira Thread Chart
Embroidery Mart prefers Madeira rayon thread for test sewing and displaying designs. Simply click to download your printable copy of our thread chart.

The thread charts are available in two different PDF versions. The Numerical Chart is listed in numerical order by thread number. The Colour Chart is listed by thread colour families. For example, shades of blue are listed together, with their corresponding numbers.

How to Use the Charts
When sewing an ‘Embroidery Mart' design, match the text colour listed in the catalogue by simply matching it to the names on the thread chart. For example, if Red is listed in the colour changes, simply find Red on the chart, with its colour number. Use the first colour listed such as Red, or choose from the remaining reds listed on the chart, such as Red2, Red3, and so on.

Converting Thread Charts
If you do not use Madeira thread, our program has a thread matching system built right inside, to easily convert from one thread brand to another.

For information on the AlphaSizer Max Click Here.

Online Thread Conversion
If you do not use Madeira thread, please contact your thread manufacturer and inquire about the availability of a thread conversion chart.